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Word Collections

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Schott's Vocab is a great tool you can use to find interesting words!


NOTE: These word collections, which will exist through the end of the school year are an exercise in creativity, consistency, and responsible technology use. The administrators of this site (Nayantara and Holley) reserve the right to to delete anything inappropriate or rude and revoke your website privileges! Remember that you signed a technology contract!


Instructions for adding to your word collection: Click on the EDIT tab above the title of your page to add your word. Do not add your word in the comment section. Using this page is much like using other word processing software (like Microsoft Word). Do not edit anyone else's page. We can see exactly who edits which pages! If you want to make a remark about someone else's page, you may do so in the comment section.


You may add new words at any time in addition to the assignments given by your teachers.

Word Collection Assignments

Word Collection #5 (Due: Thursday 4/7): Choose a mountain-related word to post in your word collection. You may use schoolwork or homework, or come up with your own word. Do not choose a proper noun (like "Himalayas"). Please define the word and write about why you like the word.


Word Collection #4 (Due: Thursday 2/3): Make a comment on someone else's word collection. Your comment MUST be about a REAL word that a classmate (or teacher!!!) has posted. Please make sure to indicate WHICH word you are commenting about, and what you think about the word.


Word Collection #3 (Due: Thursday 1/27): Post a word that you like from Keeping Corner. Show how the word is used in a sentence and give us the page number. Make sure to say that the word is from this book. Be specific, and explain why you like the word. Please follow these directions carefully!


Word Collection #2 (Due: Wednesday 11/24): Post your favorite food-related word. The word doesn't need to be an actual food, but something that that somehow relates to food. Include the word, its meaning, and your own feelings about the word in your posting. Make sure to proofread your work and use standard CPSS. My recommendation is to include to the date in your posting and to keep the most current word at the top.


Word Collection #1 (Due: Thursday 11/18): Post the word that you chose from Pablo Neruda's Ode to salt, which we read in class together. In your posting, explain that the word is from this poem, and explain what it means, and why you like it. You should write at least two sentences. Take a look at Nayantara's Word Collection to see an example.

See below for links to specific collections. You might consider bookmarking the link to your own collection on your web browser.


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