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WTL Memorial

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Listed below are all the assignments for the Where the Truth Lies Memorial Project. All the way at the bottom you can find the slideshow of memorials and monuments that we looked at together in class on Tuesday 11/9.

Where the Truth Lies Memorial #1: Due Wednesday 11/10

After times of great tragedy, the site of the tragedy is often memorialized in some special way. You have been appointed with the task of creating a memorial for what happened at the cave. Before you design your memorial, you need to explain who you are.

For homework you need to:
o    Chose which group you will represent: Sanctuarians, Tribers, or Godslanders,

o    Describe the basics of your group: where you live, what your homeland is like, your cultural values and beliefs, etc (use Where the Truth Lies to help you remember specific details),

o    Explain what your group believes happened at the cave with Kyra, Eli, and Lillen,

o    Proofread for spelling, capitalization, punctuation and grammar.

Your response must be in paragraph form, about a page long, double spaced and typed in 12 point font and stapled to the back of this sheet.

Where the Truth Lies Memorial #2: Due Thursday 11/11

Now that you have chosen a culture to represent, and have thought about your culture’s world view, and opinion of what happened in the cave, you need to think about how you would design your memorial.

For homework you need to address or answer the following:
o    Describe your design. What real-world material will be used for this memorial? How is the memorial itself to be used? What are the      buildings/ spaces that you have included? What will happen in these spaces?

o    How does your design reflect your group’s worldview? In other words, how are your beliefs represented in your design?

o    What do you think your design communicates? In other words, what overall impression do you want visitors to come away with?

o    Be thoughtful in thinking about and answering these questions. Remember, you will not necessarily be present when people are      looking at your design. ALL of your work on this will be posted outside.

Your response should be about a full page, double spaced and typed in 12 point font. You should answer the questions above, but your work should be done in paragraph form, without numbers or bullet points.

 Where the Truth Lies Memorial #3: Due Monday 11/15

Visual renderings of your memorial design are due on Monday, November 15th, along with proofread and edited clean copies of your world view statement (WTL Memorial HW #1) and your design proposal (WTL Memorial HW #2).

Your renderings must:
•    Be in color
•    Show TWO views of the memorial (front view, interior view, bird’s eye view, side view, zoomed in detail, etc).
•    Each view must be on a separate sheet of paper! Not the back!
•    Include a title or the name of the memorial
on each illustration

This work will be displayed!

Memorials and Monuments

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