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The Giver

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Our last class novel of the year is The Giver. We will be reading the book in bigger chunks than other books. It is really important to keep up with your homework and pace yourself with your reading.



Wednesday 6/1: Ambiguous Ending


Tuesday 5/31: Precise Language


Friday 5/27: Comparison of Seahaven (from The Truman Show), The Community (from The Giver), and our community in Venn Diagram.


Thursday 5/26: Recap of chapters 11-15
What role does music play in your life?


Monday 5/23: Thank You For Your Childhood
Recap of chapters 6-10.
The Truman Show Part I


Friday 5/20: Characters & Setting


Monday 5/16: Visualization & Cover discussion
In the Moment by Billy Collins

The Giver HW #6: Chapters 22-23 (Finish!) R&A

Due: Wednesday 6/1


The Giver HW #5: Chapters 18-21 R&A

Due: Tuesday 5/31  


The Giver HW #4: Chapters 16-17 R&A

Due: Friday 5/27


The Giver HW #3: Chapters 11-15 R&A
Due: Thursday 5/26


The Giver HW #2: Chapters 6-10 R&A
Due: Monday 5/23


The Giver HW #1: Chapters 1-5 R&A

Due: Friday 5/20



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