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Pilgrimage and Fasting in Christianity

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Christianity, like many of the world's religions, has several different groups within it. Most of these different denominations share similar major beliefs. Their differences occur for several reasons, such as orthodoxy, location, or politics.

For homework, watch the two videos that are linked to below, and complete the assignments that follow. You may do all the written work on the same page.


Please keep in mind that the first video is about ten minutes long. Make sure you allow yourself enough time to complete this assignment. You have two nights to work on this.


1. Define the word pilgrimage using the dictionary.

2. Lourdes, a city in southwestern France, is important to many Catholic people. What makes Lourdes an important place to which to make a pilgrimage?

3. Describe how some of the sick people who come to Lourdes describe their experiences there.

Eastern Orthodox Fasting

4. According to the video, what is the purpose of fasting in Eastern Orthodox Christianity? Write a detailed paragraph which answers this question in your own words.

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