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Park51 assignment

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You may have heard about the controversy surrounding the plan to build a "mosque" at Ground Zero, which is another name for the site where the World Trade Centers used to be before the attacks of September 11, 2001. In the past several months there have been protests against the project and rallies to support the project (see pictures below for examples).


Your assignment is to read all the information at this link and then read this article from Time magazine.


Then, in paragraph form, answer the questions below. Your work should be done on a separate sheet of paper with an appropriate heading.

1. What is Park51? Use the information in the reading to answer this question, but describe the site in your own words.

2. Why might some people be opposed to the project? Think carefully about your response to this question.

3. Do you think the project should continue as it is? Explain why or why not, and if not, please suggest an alternative.


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