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May 16 (due May 18)

Review #13.pdf


CHORUS MEMBERS: CONCERT THIS WEEK!  Go to http://www.bankstreet.edu/sfcmusic and click on "chorus parts" in order to practice your music.  EVERY DAY!


MAY 9 (DUE MAY 11)

Research assignment on ANY artist-you choose.  Your choice can be from any decade-anything that you'd like to share with class.  Use the same form as always: research assignment form.doc


May 2 (due May 4)

SELF-REPORT.  On a blank piece of paper, write 2 areas in which you feel strong in music class.  Then, write 2 areas in which you feel you need improvement.

Apr. 25 (due Apr. 27)

corrections to Review #12


Apr. 11 (due Apr. 13)

Review #12 


Apr. 4 (due Apr. 6)

80s report!  Use this form if you lose the one I give you:

research assignment form.doc  



Mar. 28-Apr. 1

Study for the 70s quiz on Monday, Apr. 4!  (Lessons 14-21)


Mar. 14 (due Mar. 16)

Review #11.pdf


Mar. 7 (due Mar. 9)

corrections to Review #9


Feb. 28 (due Mar. 2)

Review #9.pdf


Feb. 7 (due Feb. 9)

Review #8.pdf


Jan. 31 (due Feb. 2)

70s research assignment


Use this form if you lose the one I give you.

research assignment form.doc


Dec. 13 (due Dec. 15)  (The last assignment of 2010!)

Review #7.pdf




On Wednesday nights, or any other time, go to http://www.bankstreet.edu/sfcmusic/ and click on "chorus parts" in order to practice your music.  Only two rehearsals left before Winterfest!


Dec. 6-study for our Quiz next week.  You should know at least one famous song by each person we have studied in Lessons 5-9.


Nov. 29 (due Dec. 1)

Corrections to Theory #6.  If you got a check plus, you are excused from this assignment.


Nov. 22 (due Nov. 24)

Review #6.pdf


Chorus members-Every Wednesday night, go to www.bankstreet.edu/sfcmusic and click on "chorus parts" in order to review your chorus music.







HW for Monday, Nov. 15 (due Wednesday, Nov. 17)-Corrections to Review #5.  If you got a check plus, you are excused from this assignment. If you need help doing corrections, come see Erika during work period.


Homework for Monday, Nov. 8 (due Wednesday, Nov. 10)

Review #5.pdf




HOMEWORK for the week of Nov. 1-study Lessons 1-4 for your first quiz, on the 1950s.  The quiz will be on Monday, Nov. 8.


Everyone, HW for Oct. 18-60s report.  Due on Wednesday, as usual.  Here it is in case anyone loses it.


MUSIC HOMEWORK-60s reports, Part I


CLASS (including half-group)_____________


Answer these questions about your artist.  I recommend you go to the store on iTunes-when you search for an artist and click on his or her name, it will give you a biography, and you will be able to listen to music samples.   Wikipedia is also OK.  If you have trouble getting internet access at home, you can do the assignment at school.  You can go to the computer lab after school or come to the small music room after school or during work period.


1-What style of music was your artist famous for?




2-Name at least three famous songs by your artist.





3-Name at least three interesting (preferably musical) facts about your artist.




4-Who was your artist influenced by?  (If you’re not sure, look on the biography section of iTunes, under “influencers”).



5-Listen to a couple of songs by your artist.  If you don’t have recordings by your artist, go to itunes MUSIC STORE.  (If you don’t have it, you can download a free & legal copy at apple.com).  It will let you hear samples of songs by your artist for free.  Then, write down which song you think the class should listen to, and why.  You can also try grooveshark.com or playlist.com.



6-Cite your source:





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