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Make it Better

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Make it Better

Choice 1: Earlier this year we very briefly talked about a special pen that records what a teacher is saying while a student writes. Read the article about Livescribe in the New York Times.

On a separate sheet of paper answer the following questions:
1. How is this pen different from having a regular recorder? What are the pros and cons of this device? How would it be helpful to you personally?
2. Invent your own tool that would be designed to help with schoolwork. This should be serious - NOT a pen that does your work for you - and something that does not already exist. Please be prepared to share a description (and maybe a sketch) of your invention with the group.

Choice 2: If you could make up a class to take, what would it be? Describe what the class would focus on, where it would meet, what kind of teacher would lead the class, etc. For the sake of continuity, imagine that it would have to take place at Bank Street. Think about the title of the class, and which, if any, books, films, projects etc might be used in the class. Be prepared to share your work at the end of the period.

Choice 3: Look around our classroom. Now, look carefully around our classroom. Think about things that just don’t seem right, and things that seem great. On a blank sheet of paper, imagine a rearranged classroom. You blueprint does not have to be perfectly to scale, but the proportions should make sense. Please make sure you include at least the teacher's desks, the computer table, some bookshelves, the Smart Board, and ensure that there are seats for 21 students. Think about wall color, flooring, and bulletin boards as well. Be prepared to share your work.

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