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Kerem's Word Collection

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The word I'm choosing today is Twinkie. I chose this word because I totally love Twinkies, and because they taste delicious. There is not really a "definition" for a Twinkie, but I will tell you what it looks like. It is a soft, yellow, sponge cake, with an interior full of snow white cream :)



The word I chose from "Ode to Salt" is preserver. According to the dictionary preserve means to keep alive, to save, and to keep intact. I like this word because it feels like when I say it I keep something alive.


The word I am choosing from Keeping Corner is sari. I am choosing this word because it is an Indian item of clothing that can express colors and feelings just by being worn. For instance, since Leela is a widow, she wears dark colored saris, in order to show that her husband has died. This word is used in many parts of the book, but I will tell you one of the pages it's used on anyway; page 92.

The word sari can be used like this in a sentence:

The sari that she wore was green like the grass that grew in our yard.


The mountain related word I chose is elevation. I chose this word because mountains are, well, known for their height. The word elevation means "the angular distance of something above the horizon". I like this word because it simply puts a vivid image into your mind, and leads you to other questions, such as "how can this be elevated?" or "why is this elevated?" etc.

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