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Journey from a Chinese Orphanage to a Jewish Rite of Passage

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Read the New York Times article Journey from a Chinese Orphanage to a Jewish Rite of Passage. Be sure to look at the accompanying slide show.


On a separate sheet of paper with an appropriate heading, type your answers to the following questions. Please make sure to include the title of the article in your work. Give thought and care to your answers, and consider the experiences of others in your response.


1. In the article, Zoe Kress, a Chinese adoptee who lives in New Jersey, said, “Being Chinese and Jewish is normal for me. Thinking about being Chinese and Jewish is a little strange.” What do you think she means by this comment?


2. In the article, Cecelia's mother says, "That was my hope when I started her in day school, that when she got up on the bimah she would feel like she had the right to be there.” What might Cecelia's mother have meant by this? 


3. The author of the article describes Rabbi Levine reading the following quote from the Torah: "Let the stranger in your midst be to you as the native, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt." Explain how this piece of text relates to the article as a whole. Think about what you've learned so far - especially when learning about Sukkot in preparation for our field trip.

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