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Hazel's Word Collection

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 8 months ago

SMOTHERED- To rub something. I love that word, because the S and the M sound great together and also it makes me think of chocolate, for some reason.

BANANA-I actually hate banana's, but I love the way it sounds. Whenever I say it, I start repeating it and singing it, because it has such a good beat.

PLUMP- In Chapter 8 of Keeping Corner, Leela thinks: Why was Kaki asking me to sit on the hand-wooden couch with the plump seats and the cotton pillows? (Page 90) She thinks this as she goes into the nice room to study with Saviben. Plump: Chubby, well rounded. I like the word, because of the P at the end. It just sounds so cool.    

Lava- Lava is (as you know), a fiery liquid in volcano's. I just like saying lava, because the "v" is so fun to say and the "a" after the "v" makes it even funner. LA-VA! 


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