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Essential Steps for Completing Homework

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Essential steps for completing homework:


1. Prioritize! Look over your homework sheet and prioritize your assignments. Complete assignments that are due the next day andtry to get an early start on assignments that are due later in the week. Don’t wait until the last minute for long term assignments.


2. Read all instructions carefully before beginning. Make sure you understand what is being asked in the directions and in each question. Ask for help (from a parent, friend or teacher) if you have a question.


3. For written responses: Answer each question using complete, thoughtful sentences. Include the question as a lead-in to your answer. Provide an example or something specific to support your ideas.



Question: Why did Nayantara and Holley give you this homework information sheet?


Unacceptable answer: Because they wanted us to know stuff about homework.


Acceptable Answer: Nayantara and Holley gave us this homework information sheet because they wanted us to understand and remember the proper procedures and essential steps for completing homework assignments.


4. Make sure that you have answered all the parts of all the questions.If you are unable to complete any part of an assignment, skip to what you can understand and complete, and come in to school at 8:00 AM the next morning to get help from Nayantara, Holley, a student teacher, or a friend.


5. Read over your work carefully. Make sure that:


  • Spelling is correct;

  • Punctuation is correct;

  • Capitalization is correct;

  • There are no missing words in your sentences and your writing is clear;

  • All questions are answered completely and thoughtfully;

  • Math computation and reasoning are accurate, and units are labeled.


6. Check each subject at https://407bs201011.pbworks.com to make sure you have completed all your assignments.


7. Put all of your work into your homework binder and remember to bring it to school the next day to turn in.

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