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Casino Day Assignment

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May 23, 2011


Dear 11/12s Students,


As you know, we will have a probability casino on Friday, June 3rd.  You will work in small groups to develop a game for our casino.  Please follow the directions outlined below.  You must abide by the deadlines for each section of the project or you will not be permitted to participate in the casino. 


Step One:  Design a Game  -- due 5/26

You can design a new game or redesign one of the games you analyzed in class. When you design your game, keep these guidelines in mind. 

  • ·  The game should make a ticket profit for the school.
  • ·  The game should be fun to play.
  • ·  The game should be easy to set up and use. 
  • ·  You must create additional materials for your game.  We have dice, spinners, cubes, cards and coins. 
  • ·  The game should take a relatively short time to play.
  • ·  The rules for the game should be easily understood by people your age and your buddies.
  • ·  The Theoretical Probability of winning the game must not be less than 1/20. 


Step Two:  Create a Game – due 5/27

Gather materials and create all of the pieces of your game.  Your pieces should be attractive and colorful.  Remember, you want to make a game that will generate a ticket profit for Holley and Traci!


Step Three: Test Your Game – due 6/1

After your group has drafted a game design, you need to decide whether the game you have designed is reasonable for a school carnival and will make a profit.  Then, you will need to try out your game.   Follow the guidelines to test your game.


  • ·  Play your game 25 times.  Keep track of your trials.  Determine the experimental probability of each outcome.  Determine the experimental probability of a win and a loss.
  • ·  Create an organized list, an area model or a tree to determine all of the outcomes.  Determine the theoretical probability of a win and loss.  
  • ·  Decide how many tickets you will charge for people to play your game. 
  • ·  Decide how many prize tickets you will give out.


Step Four: Expected Profit – due 6/1

Use the Theoretical Probability to determine the profits you can expect on Casino Day. 

  • ·  If 100 people play your game, how many tickets will you take in?
  • ·  How much can you expect to pay out? 
  • ·  How much profit can you expect to make? 
  • ·  Check with your teacher to be sure you have a reasonable expected profit. 






Step Five:  Game Sign/Rule List/Prize List/Finishing Touches – due 6/2

  • ·  Make a sign advertising your game.  Your sign should be completed on 8 ½ by 13 paper.  You will hang up your sign in front of your game.
  • ·  Make a list of rules for visitors to read when they come up to your game at Casino Day.  The rule list should be simple and easy to understand. 
  • ·  Make a list of Ticket Prizes.  The ticket prize list should be simple and easy to understand.
  • ·  Create an Experimental Probability Chart to use on Casino Day. 
  • ·  Be sure your game is ready to go for Casino Day! 



Step Six: Casino Day Data – 6/3

  • ·  Keep track of data on Casino Day.
  • ·  Record data whenever anyone plays your game. 
  • ·  Determine the Experimental Probability of a win and a loss with your Casino Day data.


Step Seven: Casino Report – due 6/6 (Individual)

Write a letter reflecting on your game. Use the attached checklist to help you write your Casino Report.  Each INDIVIDUAL is required to submit one report to the committee. 


  • ·  Letter should be typed using 1.5 spacing and a size 12 font.
  • ·  Letter should be edited for spelling and grammar. 



**** Study Hall for the letter will take place at 9:45 on June 6th.  Students who do not turn in the letter by 8:30 on June 6th will finish the letter at 9:45 that morning. 


Go over the above information with a parent and have them sign that they understand the information. 



I _____________________________________ understand that my child will be assigned to Study Hall at 9:45 on June 6th if he/she does not turn in the Casino Game Report by 8:30 on June 6th
The Written Proposal: Written in Letter Format


c   Dear Casino Committee,


c   Introduction:

  • §  Describe the game.


c   Theoretical Probability

  • §  Explain the Theoretical Probability. 
  • §  Show outcomes in a chart or table.


c   Experimental Probability

  • §  Explain Experimental Probability for your trials.
  • §  Include the data you collected on Casino Day as well as the data you collected when you played the game before Casino Day. 
  • §  Put EP data in a chart or table.
  • §  Explain how your Experimental Probability compares to the Theoretical Probability.


c   Expected Profit

  • §  Describe how much profit you expected on Casino Day. 
  • §  Tell how your actual profits compared to your Expected Profit. 


c   Conclusion:

  • §  Explain why your game is worth having at the casino.
  • §  Explain why you think people will want to play it.
    • ·      Keep in mind cost, challenge, pay out, fun etc.



c   Sincerely,

  • §  Sign the letter.





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