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Billiard Ball Math 4

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Name _________________________                                                March 16, 2011

11/12’s Mathematics


Billiard Ball Math #4: Homework


  • Answer the questions below.   
  • You may type or handwrite your answers, but you must hand in a paper copy on Thursday, March 17th.   

  1. How many trials do we need to do before we can use our observations to make a rule?


For example:  How many times should we try an even length and odd width table before we decide for sure that it will always end in the upper left corner.  Explain your answer in a short paragraph.  (4-5 sentences minimum)


 2. What are the limitations of Inductive Reasoning (collect evidence, notice patterns, draw conclusions based on patterns, conclusions based on limited observations)?


Give examples of times that Inductive Reasoning would not work very well or would not be practical.


Explain your answer in a detailed paragraph. (7-8 sentences minimum)



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